Serving in Bohol Philippines since 1991
Ken and Daniel
Every year we seem to have a new
series of challenges and adventures.
2017 was no exception. I have been
preaching on a rotational schedule in
several churches in Talibon and
nearby towns.
Lilia and I have been able to participate with
an evangelistic team that teaches livelyhood
programs each week. These programs have
resulted in several people being saved and
baptized. The converts are now attending
regular church services. We are still running
weekly meetings in these areas.
Daniel is studying in Australia.
James is studying college in Manila.
While doing some major repairs to our
roof earlier this year I fell and broke 4
ribs. I spent 2 weeks in hospital.
We are facing some major challenges with
the road access to our house as the neighbors
have recently fenced some of their land. The
detour is through deep mud. Road repair is a
constant challenge.